Your Personal Development Starts with You

Personal development is an ongoing process for you and I.

Not one of us is ever perfect, of course. But you always have a choice to be the best you! Here are some ideas and questions to help you improve yourself.


  1. Go outdoors and notice nature every day at least once.
  2. Notice how often you are dwelling on the past or the future and stick to the present and moment you are currently experiencing. Practice sticking to the present.

Take note of how both thinking of the past and the future affect your current mindset?

  1. Decide which problems are important enough to seek solutions. Where could you start? Perhaps check on the internet about solutions that have actually worked for others. Do you have a friend who you observed getting through a problem? Perhaps they have a great suggestion of where or how you can also find help.
  2. Do you spend a lot of time worrying about problems you anticipate? Do you allow your imagination to run away with things that could go wrong? Is that worry time actually helping?
  3. What if instead you focus on what you want to happen. Notice how your attitude greatly improves when you change your focus from worry to what you want to occur.
  4. Have you considered praying and meditating on positive things and/or scriptures that encourage your heart and spirit. You can also choose to read true stories of people who have overcome huge real life problems. When you fill your heart with good things you will find it inspires you as well.
  5. Do take up some type of exercise several times weekly. Exercise three to four times a week. Why would that make a difference both in your physical health and your mental health? Check out the facts of what happens in your brain when you exercise.

Use these tips to spur your personal development. By following these tips, you allow yourself to change for the better; that will only lead to enhanced happiness and peace in your life.

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