Is There Any Truth To The Saying Happy Wife Happy Life?

‘Happy wife happy life’ is often used ironically to comment on the fate of a male friend who begrudgingly does something that he knows will keep his wife happy. However, there is some truth to this expression and there are a few things about happiness you should know about if you feel that your marriage could use a few changes.


What Does Happy Wife Happy Life Really Mean?

This expression basically means that a happy woman will have a lot more to give back to her marriage. She will put more time and efforts into building a home and will be more pleasant to be around.

On the other hand, an unhappy wife will be more likely to bring negativity to the marriage. The same thing is true for a man, but some studies have shown that a woman’s overall levels of happiness with her life had a greater impact on the quality of her marriage compared to how a man’s overall happiness in life impacted his marriage.

What Makes A Woman Happy?

Everyone is different. A woman can find happiness in her marriage and in her home but outside influences should not be negated.

It is important to look for fulfillment outside of the marriage, for instance by pursuing a rewarding career, socializing with friends, learning and trying new things, and finding an activity that one is passionate about. The key is to find a healthy balance, have a purpose in life, in order to live a life that is fulfilling.

Why Is Personal Happiness and Fulfillment Important In A Marriage?

Two unhappy people living together will have a hard time finding satisfaction in their relationship. A wife or a husband who is happy with life will be more positive, nurturing and attentive towards the other spouse.

The relationship will be more likely to meet the needs of each spouse and to improve their lives when both people are happy. It is possible to find happiness in the marriage itself but it is important not to neglect outside sources of happiness and meaning as well.

Are You and Your Spouse Enjoying Your Marriage

It is time to reflect on your marriage and on what you want from life. Is your marriage enjoyable? Does your life bring you fulfillment? You should think about these things and talk to your spouse about their enjoyment and your marriage.

Look for things you can do separately or together to become happier or more satisfied and fulfilled with your lives and to have more to bring to the marriage

There is some truth to the expression ‘happy wife, happy life’, but personal happiness is important for both people in a marriage.

If you are not really happy with your life or your marriage, it is time to ask yourself some questions and to make some changes.

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