Marriage is the most sacred union of two people who are in love and want to spend their entire lives together. Getting married is very simple, however, having a successful marriage takes effort.

Many couples get divorced over problems easily solved with effort.

Unfortunately, there are many couples who break up and get divorced over issues that could have been easily solved, if they only made a little more effort. Yes, there non-negotiables, but many are problems that will follow into the next relationship.

If you’re having difficulties with your spouse and you truly love them, then saving your marriage should be at the top of your priority list. So, we will look at a few tips that will help you to solve any issue in your relationship, so you can continue spending the rest of your lives, happily ever after.

Treating your mate well after marriage keeps up the romance.

There is a saying that if you want to keep your wife, then you should treat her the same as when you were dating, while you’re married. Many guys stop being romantic or taking their wives on dates, once they are actually married.

This is a huge mistake since marriage isn’t a goal, but a relationship that constantly takes effort and attention. If you don’t give your partner love and attention, then the relationship and marriage will eventually crumble.

So, make sure to set aside time every week to take your spouse out on a date where it’s just the two of you, away from the kids or work. This will go a long way in keeping the fire between you two ignited, no matter how many years have passed. If you absolutely cannot do it weekly, be sure to do it every other week.

My experience has been that taking turns in planning your dates works the best. You automatically know when your spouse has planned the last date, you are in charge of the next one. Be creative and remember it does not have to be expensive!


Not only dating but acts of love and service to one another regularly.

Little acts of kindness can be even more beneficial to your relationship than extravagant shows of love like buying an expensive gift or taking them to a fancy restaurant.

A simple act of love or service can be as little as giving your partner a massage after a long day of work, preparing their favorite meal, folding the laundry, doing extra chores around the house, or even just leaving a love note in their lunch bag when they leave for work.

Regularly telling one another how glad you are that you married each other or other compliments about things you really appreciate about them keeps the freshness of your love alive after the newness of being together wears off.




Following are tips to help strengthen your marriage. But first, check out my products related to marriage health.

Face the important problems the two of you may have.

Some couples just ignore their challenges and pretend they don’t exist.

While most happy couples have unresolved differences, there are some things you must face because they have the potential to become huge issues.

Ignoring big problems will eventually grow into resentment between you. This is a huge mistake because the longer you ignore a problem, the more it grows and turns into resentment.

Instead, when you both take time to talk about your problems in a calm way you are more likely to be able to resolve them. For example, if either of you, constantly spends too much money on buying things that are unnecessary, it will cause a strain on your finances, then you need to discuss this.

It is important that you don’t yell or quarrel, but simply show one another how the uncontrolled spending is negatively affecting your combined finances. The financial issues have the potential of causing major problems.

Attending a class or meeting with someone who specializes on assisting couples with financial planning can help sort out the situation. Normally, a specialist can do this work with you in a less emotional manner than you as a couple are able to do.

If you as a couple, would like further simple suggestions on this matter you may want to look at my best seller on Amazon. How To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage: Stop Marriage Pain, Start Reconnecting!


In closing, when it comes to saving your marriage, you need to try everything in your power to do so. If it means seeking marriage friendly couple’s counseling, coaching, or therapy, then you should schedule a session as soon as possible.  (You can find online or phone help on my website as well.)


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