What If I Take A Walk Around The Lake?

What If I Take A Walk Around The Lake?

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It’s Waverly again to share more healthy marriage advice with a beautiful article about “What If I Take a Walk Around the Lake?”

This beautiful article Take A Walk Around the Lake appeared on http:simplemarriage.net and I am sure you would be encouraged by visiting their site.

I found that it originally appeared on on http://BeMoreWithLess.com which also looks like an inspiring site.

This is a great question for me today and I bet it is for you too! We think things like “that’s just not possible,” or “I wish,” ” but there is just too much to do, etc.” and it may be true that right this second you can’t drop everything…..

However, is that really a true FACT or just our bad habit way of thinking?

If I decide, consciously or unconsciously, that I cannot (or am not “allowed) to give myself time to enjoy life and the people in it that I love so dearly, until everything is “done” when will that be?

The true FACT is, that time will never come! There will never be a time like that Or if by some miracle I would reach it, how long would it last???

It would Only be until the next person used the bathroom and didn’t replace the empty toilet paper roll or rushed in from outdoors without wiping their feet on the rug by the door or threw their jacket in the closet or left dirty dishes on the counter!

It would Only be until another work deadline was looming? Isn’t there always another deadline at work of one type or another…either a real one, a self-made one or a supervisor imposed one?

The following excerpt from the post Take a Walk Around the Lake appeared first on Be More with Less.

via Take a Walk Around the Lake by Courtney Carver

Mark had the day off yesterday. He told me the week before that he was taking the day, and I let him know I wouldn’t be taking the day off with him. I told him I had to work. I had a full schedule and things needed to get done.

When I woke up, even though he knew I was planning to work, he invited me to take a walk around one of our favorite lakes. I should have stayed home and worked. I should have written a blog post. I should have caught up on some accounting. I should have mopped the floors. I should have cleaned up my inbox.

Instead I took a walk around the lake.

…When I think about all the times I worked instead of seeing the first snow of the season, or the times I was checking voice mail, or email instead of listening to my daughter tell me about her day, I remember that regret doesn’t come from letting the housework slide, playing hookey, or turning off the phone.

 When was the last time you

  • Left your phone at home on date night, or when meeting up with friends?
  • Folded up your to-do list and said, “It can wait”?

When was the last time you took a walk around the lake?

Waverly’s Thoughts…..

So true! Even if for you it’s not a walk around the lake, it could be a walk to the park, a bike or car ride to a beautiful view, listening closely to your spouse or your child and just being present….

What really matters to you!

Over 25 years and still excited about being a part of many couple’s miraculous turnarounds!

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