How To Get Marriage Help

Admitting that you need help to save your marriage is not easy. Deciding to receive counseling, coaching or therapy is a decision you need to make with your spouse. Here is how you can get marriage help if you feel that you can’t save your marriage by yourself.     What Is Marriage Counseling, Coaching […]

Saving My Marriage After A Crisis

Listen To Your Spouse It is best to wait a while after a major crisis before communicating with your spouse again. You need to be able to have a calm conversation so you can both express the issues you have been dealing with. A lack of communication is a very common factor in marriage issues. […]

How To Stop A Divorce After Filing

Filing for divorce or receiving divorce papers can feel very definitive and you might think that it is too late to change your mind. It is possible to stop the divorce process even after you or your spouse has filed for a divorce. Stopping a divorce is easier if you take action quickly after filing. […]

Is We Just Drifted Apart Inevitable?

Have you heard “We Just Drifted Apart” being used as a “reason” for divorce at least dozens of times? To me this statement is made like it is something seemingly ”inevitable” that just “happens” without cause. Does this statement seem to you to be made almost as a “non-blaming” way of describing what happened without […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going for Divorce

Marriage can be very disappointing when you feel it has stopped meeting your expectations. Many of you may be tempted to play with thoughts of going your own way. At that time, the fantasy or new life you see looks inviting and wonderful. The reality of that action, nearly 100% of the time, is very […]

Powerful Thoughts = Powerful Feelings!

Did you know that research is very clear that when you think lovingly about your mate when you are not with them, it will make a difference when you see them again? Isn’t it pretty phenomenal that you can actually create more loving feelings for your spouse when you choose to think of all the […]

But I Expected Our Marriage Would Be…

Expectations – I thought marriage would be__________________. You can fill in your own blanks. I’m betting the way your marriage turned out is not exactly what you thought it would be? You have expectations, I have expectations….Everyone does. Because you have never been married before, or even if you’ve been married before, you do have […]

Keys To Your Successful Marriage

The great news is that successful marriages don’t necessarily have any less conflicts than bad marriages. However, the way they solve their conflicts does make a huge difference. Good marriages don’t happen by chance. Yes, being compatible in the important areas such as basic life values is extremely important. However, the methods you use to […]

Disagreements And Long Marriages!

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you to know that all couples disagree. It’s normal and the couples who stay married the longest disagree as much as those who divorce. Did you know that the best stage of your marriage (which many couples never reach) is where you each learn and decide to accept one […]

Invest in Your Marriage

Early in your marriage attend a study, retreat or read a great book or listen or watch a CD or DVD on healthy marriage. Add a new marriage education program each year to broaden, deepen, and further enrich your marriage, making ongoing marriage education a regular part of your married life. This can also be […]

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