Five Ways To Get Marriage Help

Most marital problems come from one or both spouses not having their emotional or physical needs met. Some couples suffer due to a lack of communication between the spouses or because one of the spouses suffers from personal problems that affect the relationship. Here are five ways to get marriage help if you feel that […]

Four Signs You Have Marriage Problems

Marriages change over the years and every couple has their ups and downs. However, it is important to learn to recognize the signs of marriage problems. If any of these signs sound familiar, it is time to talk about your issues with your spouse and/or to think about receiving professional help.     You Fight […]

Save My Marriage With Counseling

It is very important that at least one of you react right away if your marriage is in trouble. There might have been a specific event that lead to you and your spouse to start talking about divorce. It is also likely both you and your spouse might have simply let the marriage deteriorate over […]

Five Daily Habits for A Happy Marriage

What have you done for your marriage today? The happiest relationships are the ones where both spouses actively work on their marriage on a daily basis by paying attention to each other, communicating and addressing their issues. Here are five habits you can adopt now for a happy marriage. Listen You and your spouse talk […]

Does Marriage Counseling Help?

Marriage counseling, or a marriage coach or therapist is an option you will want to consider if you are thinking about divorcing or if you or your spouse is not happy with the relationship. Going to see a marriage friendly helper is a very important decision and you need understanding on what this can do […]

How To Save Your Marriage After An Affair

Studies have found that affairs affect nearly a third of all married couples. For some couples, an affair will result in a divorce. However, things don’t have to end if you or your spouse were unfaithful. Some of these affairs will be emotional which is how most affairs begin. Talking and being listened to by […]

You Can Fix A Broken Marriage

You have probably heard that 50% of first marriages end in divorce. You might feel like your own marriage is currently heading that way but things don’t necessarily have to end in a divorce if you decide to take action and look for ways to fix your marriage. (Actually, that statistic has recently been found […]

The Key To A Strong Marriage

Do you know any happily married couples? If yes, what would you say is the secret to their success? Few people know this, but the key to a strong marriage is the ability to get through anything with your spouse as a team. Strong Marriages Don’t Happen Automatically This is not something that you automatically […]

Believe it or Not It’s Never Too Late

Hi, It’s Waverly again ready to share more good helps on It’s Never Too Late… Many people refer to their marriage being in a bad place as though it is impossible and there is nothing they can do about it. While it may be true that one or both have the feeling it is hopeless, […]

How to Keep the Romance

One way to keep the romance in your marriage is to keep up the dating! Give priority to time for one another. Planning those special times together whether short or long, extremely frugal or spendy, can make all the difference. Develop your own rituals but keep out of ruts. Remember to take time for a […]

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