Four Signs You Have Marriage Problems

Marriages change over the years and every couple has their ups and downs. However, it is important to learn to recognize the signs of marriage problems. If any of these signs sound familiar, it is time to talk about your issues with your spouse and/or to think about receiving professional help.     You Fight […]

How to Save My Marriage After a Spouse Files for Divorce?

Finding out that your spouse filed for divorce can make you feel hopeless. However, this does not necessarily mean that things have to end. You might not be able to prevent the divorce if your spouse won’t change their mind, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Reach Out to Your Spouse Don’t let the […]

Five Daily Habits for A Happy Marriage

What have you done for your marriage today? The happiest relationships are the ones where both spouses actively work on their marriage on a daily basis by paying attention to each other, communicating and addressing their issues. Here are five habits you can adopt now for a happy marriage. Listen You and your spouse talk […]

How To Fix A Marriage and Build A Better Relationship

Is your marriage in trouble? Acknowledging issues as early as possible will put you on the right track to fix your marriage. You and your spouse can grow together through this experience and actually build a better relationship by acknowledging your problems and finding solutions. Make Your Marriage A Priority Both building and fixing a […]

Saving My Marriage After A Crisis

Listen To Your Spouse It is best to wait a while after a major crisis before communicating with your spouse again. You need to be able to have a calm conversation so you can both express the issues you have been dealing with. A lack of communication is a very common factor in marriage issues. […]

Save Your Marriage By Following These Five Steps

Are you and your spouse considering a divorce? You can save your marriage from ending if you are willing to make some changes and to actually take actions on fixing things. Follow these five steps if you are going through a crisis with your marriage. 1. Acknowledge That There Is A Problem You and your […]

Healthy Marriage Advice For Couples

What is the secret to a happy and healthy marriage? The answer is that you are to regularly make different loving connections with your spouse. This is the only way you will be able to build trust, communication and find happiness with each other. Here are five pieces of healthy marriage advice you can start […]

Fix My Marriage With These Five Tips

Your marriage does not have to end because you had an argument or are considering a divorce. It is possible to fix a marriage no matter how bad things might seem at the moment. You need to accept that fixing your marriage takes time and requires some efforts from both spouses. At the same time, […]

How A Midlife Crisis Can Affect Your Marriage

What happens to a marriage when one of the spouses goes through a midlife crisis? Going through a midlife crisis can cause you to re-evaluate your life and accomplishments. You might find yourself questioning your marriage and feel that you have missed out on other things. A midlife crisis can affect a marriage in different […]

Five Things To Do For A Strong Marriage

Your marriage is something that you need to work on every day of your life. You can grow old with your spouse and find happiness if you really commit to each other and make sure that you take care of your and one another’s each needs. These five things will help you build a strong […]