Why You Should Get Marriage Help

Nurturing your marriage and one another is something you do on a daily, if you want to have a marriage that continues to be special for you both. Most marriages that get into trouble or become miserable have been neglected for a very long time. By showing kindness to your spouse, being the best partner […]

How To Get Marriage Help

Admitting that you need help to save your marriage is not easy. Deciding to receive counseling, coaching or therapy is a decision you need to make with your spouse. Here is how you can get marriage help if you feel that you can’t save your marriage by yourself.     What Is Marriage Counseling, Coaching […]

A Few Things You Should Know About Receiving Marriage Help

Many couples decide to get help from a marriage coach, therapist or a counselor after going through a marriage crisis. Some couples decide to get help simply because they are unhappy with the relationship and believe that the marriage will end if they do not take action. There are a few things you should know […]

Common Marriage Problems – And What To Do About Them

Marriage counselors, coaches or therapists often help couples deal with the same problems. Many marriages end in divorce because spouses lose interest in trying to fix the marriage or never acknowledge that they have issues until it is too late. Here are five common marriage problems and what you can do about them.     […]

Saving Your Marriage From Divorce Is Possible With These Three Steps

Your marriage is worth saving, even though you might feel that a divorce is inevitable. Focus on the good things, remind yourself of why you married your spouse in the first place and look for ways to salvage things.   Ideally, you should talk to your spouse about saving your marriage and enlist their help […]

Five Strategies For Saving Your Marriage

You are probably experiencing anger, hopelessness, and resentment if you are currently going through a marriage crisis. You might feel that you are headed for a divorce and that there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Saving your marriage is possible if you and your spouse commit to making some changes. Here are […]

How To Address Your Marriage Problems

Every couple has their problems, just like every individual in their world has their own problems. Whether your marriage suffers due to a lack of communication or from frequent fights, it is time to address these problems. A passive attitude will result in resentment and other negative emotions building up. You can fix your marriage […]

Preventing Your Midlife Crisis from Affecting Your Marriage

You probably know a few couples who got divorced after being married for decades. Going through a midlife crisis can cause a marriage to dissolve. The midlife crisis itself can have a negative impact on the marriage or can make one of the spouses realize that their relationship is not fulfilling.   Going through a […]

Is There Any Truth To The Saying Happy Wife Happy Life?

‘Happy wife happy life’ is often used ironically to comment on the fate of a male friend who begrudgingly does something that he knows will keep his wife happy. However, there is some truth to this expression and there are a few things about happiness you should know about if you feel that your marriage […]

Save My Marriage With Counseling

It is very important that at least one of you react right away if your marriage is in trouble. There might have been a specific event that lead to you and your spouse to start talking about divorce. It is also likely both you and your spouse might have simply let the marriage deteriorate over […]