How To Save Your Marriage Without Talking About It Pt1

Do you want your marriage to work? Do you want help for your marriage? Or do you want to improve your marriage? 
You want all of these but you don't enjoy talking a lot about it...Well this video is for you!

Waverly J. Hanson
Licensed Professional Counselor,
Licensed Relationship Coach,
Helping People Find Life Choices For 25 Years

About Waverly J. Hanson

She strongly believes that people can and do change for the better when they see the need and benefit and has seen many “miraculous” turnarounds in lives over her many years of work.

She has served hundreds + as a therapist/counselor/coach/consultant. She has worked with numerous couples, individuals, families, including teens, children and groups. This includes working with families in crisis for many years as well as clients suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and loss issues.

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