Marriage Help: Nurturing Your Marriage Now!

Long or Short Marriage – Nurturing Your Marriage is Vital!


If you want to keep your marriage fresh, keep out of bad ruts, always be ready to attend a study group, retreat, read a great book or watch and listen to a DVD on healthy marriage.


Make adding a new marriage education program or tool each year to broaden, deepen, and further enrich your marriage. When you make ongoing marriage education a regular part of your married life, it keeps the importance of your healthy marriage at forefront.


This can also be done through weekend retreats that are usually available right in your area or certainly within driving distance or at a vacation spot.

By taking the time to develop the healthiest communication skills you can at this stage you will save much heartache in future stages that are even more stressful.


Partners in strong marriages have strong communication skills. The cliché that “good communication is the most important part of successful marriage” is true. The happiest couples said they were satisfied with the way they communicate, find it easy to express their feelings and find their partner to be a good listener.

Have you ever experienced a disagreement, difference of opinion, or misunderstanding with your spouse? If answered truthfully, every couple would have to say Yes, of course. If you haven’t one of you is not being honest or open. It is normal and healthy to have our own opinions.


The learning curve is to work toward understanding one another’s points of view. Sometimes we just agree to disagree, but we do it in a pleasant manner with help from above!


If we can listen closely to how our partner feels about a matter and how they came to that conclusion, we will understand their point of view better and it may even make sense when you look at it from their perspective. You may honestly be able to say, That’s interesting, I never thought of it that way before.


Happy marriages are marriages where people are going to feel more comfortable about what is going on and are not going to worry about some of the challenges they deal with on a daily basis.


Learning about the internal life of good marriages in a culture of divorce is a great investment in your marriage. The fact is many people we know are happily going about their daily lives rarely merits comments by the media or just in daily conversations with friends and co-workers.


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