Does Marriage Counseling Help?

Marriage counseling, or a marriage coach or therapist is an option you will want to consider if you are thinking about divorcing or if you or your spouse is not happy with the relationship.

Going to see a marriage friendly helper is a very important decision and you need understanding on what this can do for your marriage before just giving up on your own marriage.

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Does Marriage Counseling Help?

Marriage counseling will benefit you and your spouse if you cannot resolve your issues in a healthy manner. You will be able to learn to communicate without expressing anger or resentment.

You also will have a space where you can open up and communicate your needs and will receive advice and guidance on how to make things work. The licensed counselor or therapist you work with will help you identify the unhealthy patterns you have fallen into over the years and help you develop the new tools you need to build a happier and healthier relationship.

Will Marriage Counseling or Coaching Help You Avoid A Divorce?

Marriage counseling may or may not help you avoid a divorce. Many couples are able to find solutions and make their marriage work again even better than ever. This help can provide you that opportunity.

After my over 25 years of experience, I believe that the majority of couples who get a divorce could have worked things out with the right kind of help and education. Many couples just go for a divorce because they don’t know how to repair and rebuild their relationship.

Your counselor will help you explore options for having a healthier happier marriage. While it does not always help you avoid divorce, it can help you understand your piece in the marriage problem and hopefully help you make better decisions in the future.

The counseling can also help you know that you did all you could to work things out so you don’t have so many regrets later wondering if you could have resolved your differences.

What Happens During Marriage Counseling?

The exact process depends on what your issues are. Typically, your marriage counselor will encourage you and your spouse to get your issues out in the open without hurting one another unnecessarily.

You will be able to address unresolved issues, express your feelings and to express what you expect from the relationship. Your marriage counselor will recommend specific things that you can both do to work on your issues and to build a better marriage.

Should You Get Counseling?

I am a bit biased due to all the successes I have experienced in helping couples reconnect and be happy together again. I honestly do believe you
will definitely benefit from counseling if you find it difficult to talk with your spouse.

You might be unable to talk about your problems without your negative emotions taking over or you might feel that your spouse is not willing to cooperate and do their part to fix the relationship.

Seeing a marriage counselor will help if you cannot talk about your problems without arguing or if emotional or psychological problems are preventing you and your spouse from finding solutions.

Does marriage counseling help? The answer is yes if you are going to a marriage friendly and successful counselor or coaching service. It can provide you with a space where you can talk and learn to work things out. You will benefit from counseling if you are having issues with communication and with expressing feelings.

You could contact someone in your area to ask a few questions about they do. You could also bring up getting help with your spouse to see whether they are willing to go together to a professional.

I do, however, want to help bust the myth that both spouses must go to get any help for their marriage. That is not true at all for several reasons. One of those reasons is that when one spouse makes changes, it nearly forces the other spouse to change as well.

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