Marriage Breakthrough Webinar/Workshop

marriage breakthrough webinar/workshop

The Marriage Breakthrough will improve your marriage in just 8 hours! This webinar/workshop will give you the solution oriented skills you need to be more closely connected to each other.

Practical actionable skills for freeing yourselves from relationship ruts, getting through to each other, communicating more effectively and building friendship and passion.

Based on work with thousands of couples, this webinar/workshop offers you all the tools you need to create the marriage you’ve always wanted! The series is authored by Michelle Weiner-David of Divorce Busting fame as seen on Oprah and other main stream media.

The live facilitation and practical application is facilitated by me. As you no doubt know, if you have read my website, I have worked with hundreds of couples for well over 25 years and been part of what I consider miraculous turnarounds in couple’s relationships.

This program is offered on weekends at least monthly online. (I am also considering offering it occasionally in my Castle Rock office as well as I enjoy working live and in person with couples very much.)

Please contact my office with your questions: or call my office for the current dates: 719-661-7330.