What Kind of Issues Does Marriage Counseling Help

Can marriage counseling help is a question thousands of couples ask.

Do you dream of the days when you looked like this couple? Are you wondering what happened?

Marriage counseling from what I call a marriage friendly coach, therapist or counselor is an option you and your spouse really need to consider if you are encountering problems in your relationship.


It is important to understand what marriage counseling will and won’t do for your marriage. A counselor will help you communicate and resolve your issues from an outside experienced perspective. This is very difficult to do alone because you are in the middle of the situation.

Naturally, the counselor cannot make the efforts required to nurture your relationship back to better than ever!  That investment will be up to you both if possible. However, it can be started by the one of you most committed to changing your marriage for the better.

Following are some of the situations with which you will receive assistance and perspective.

Constant Fighting

Has it become impossible to have a discussion about your marriage without fighting with your spouse? If yes, you will benefit from having a licensed counselor, coach or therapist help you talk about your problems.

The professional with whom you meet will teach you and your spouse how to address issues and argue without having a fight. You will be able to address some of your issues during your sessions and will develop some healthy communication skills for the future.

Lack of Communication

Does marriage counseling help when you and your spouse have stopped communicating? The answer is yes since the role of a counselor is to create a space where you and your spouse can talk about your relationship and what you would like to change.

You can, of course, try to talk more openly with your spouse by bringing up certain topics that have been bothering you and by making sure you create an environment where you can both express yourselves.

Avoid A Divorce

Marriage counseling can help you avoid a divorce. A marriage counselor can help you identify the issues and bad habits that are damaging your relationship.

She or he can teach you how to fight fairly and help you develop better communication and relationship skills. However, you and your spouse will have to commit to making the efforts within your marriage if you want to avoid a divorce.

Dissatisfaction with Your Marriage

If you or your spouse is no longer happy with the marriage, counseling can help. A marriage professional might be able to identify some personal issues that have been negatively impacting your relationship.

At times, this person can help you determine why you or your spouse have been feeling dissatisfied. While there are things you can talk about without seeing a counselor, the topics often are highly emotionally charged.

Due to the emotion and negative habits and history involved, it often works better to schedule an appointment with a professional. In that setting, it normally is easier to be more kind and hear one another differently.

Finding Solutions to Your Problems

A good marriage friendly professional will help you and your spouse identify the issues that are preventing you from having a healthy and happy marriage. He or she will provide you with some practical ways on how to resolve these problems.

You will receive actionable advice that you can use on a daily basis to change things in your relationship. This is also something you can do without the help of a counselor but you should see a professional if you and your spouse are unable to come up with solutions that work.

Does marriage counseling help? You will definitely benefit from seeing a licensed counselor or therapist if you are having a hard time communicating with your spouse or aren’t sure what needs to change or how to change things.

If this sounds like what you need right now, go take the Free 1 Minute Relationship/Marriage Quiz!  It will be the best time you have invested!