Is It Too Late to Save Your Marriage?

Do you wonder if it’s too late to save your marriage and how will you ever know? Many couples like you are in that dilemma and go back and forth on whether to keep trying or just to give up as one of those statistics.


Sometimes you may say or think things like: so many bad things have happened, one or both of us have said and done so many hurtful things, I just don’t know if I can ever move beyond the pain.


Are you trying to fix your marriage by yourself and it’s not working?

Sometimes you may be just too close to the problem to be objective and have no idea of even where to start.


Of course, when you are in that dilemma, it is nearly impossible to be able to see beyond all the history and hurt.


Have you considered getting some help outside of yourselves?

If you really want to at least give it another chance, why not check out, what I call a marriage friendly counselor, coach or therapist.


You will find that a skilled and experienced specialist who has had lots of success can open your eyes to all kinds of approaches that can turn your situation around faster than you would think.


Once you have that outside perspective, a new world of ideas will open your eyes, your ears and your minds to many marriage tools available to you right away.


You will learn how to make repair attempts, communicate in warmer ways, connect with one another again with new approaches.


As you are together longer as a couple and begin to notice what you now think of as faults that weren’t at all apparent when you were in that early euphoric falling in love phase.


You discover you are two imperfect human beings and part of growing yourselves and your relationship is to learn to agree to disagree without trying to sales talk your mate into your way of thinking.


As you recognize you are two different people who share many, many of the same values, but do each have different opinions about various subjects. As you learn and choose to adopt the live and let live attitude you find it makes all the difference in accepting each other.


Try on the curious newspaper reporter hat and see the difference it makes!  This puts you in a whole different place of curiosity rather than the critic.


Why not experiment with each other when not in the middle of a disagreement. You could say something like I understand we have two very different views on that subject. Sometime I would like to hear how you came to that opinion as I’m sure you have a very good reason for that. I’m just curious.


This is done with no agenda of convincing your mate that their perspective is wrong while yours is the correct idea. This approach helps you to better understand your mate’s perspective.


Naturally, it goes without saying, there is a need for this idea to be introduced at a time you are both calm, relaxed and in a good place. If it raises anxiety or is too hot a time to handle, only explain the idea, but don’t get into it.

Going back to the title of this article, Is It Too Late to Save Your Marriage

You will never know unless you make the effort to get outside help.

You will always wonder later if it could have worked if you were willing to make those efforts.


If you truly make the effort, it will likely make a difference and if it doesn’t you will always know you gave it your best!


So the answer to the question is, you will never know unless you give it your best effort!


By far the majority of couples I see that stick with it, do make positive progress. Normally it begins to occur as early as within 2-3 weeks!

That’s what keeps me going!  Very rewarding for couples as well as myself!


Obviously, I am one of those Marriage Friendly coaches or counselors.

I work with couples in my office in Castle Rock as well as my phone or zoom in other parts of the country as well.


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