Is It Time to Re-Charge Your Battery with Self-care and Self-nurturing?

What in the world is recharging your battery? You could think of it like plugging your cell phone in at night! You know exactly what happens when you forget to do so.


Perhaps taking time for fun? Time for reflection? Self-care or Self-nurturing? Many people, including myself, can keep running for way too long at a time and then begin feeling over-tired and overwhelmed and even sometimes wonder why we’ve been so out of touch with ourselves and our own needs for down or recharge times!


Can you even relate? Are you always way over scheduled with too many responsibilities! Who has time to even think about your own needs, the couple relationship needs or the family fun needs?

Wonder why you are stressed out and tired out much of the time?

When couples and parents find life becoming filled with more and more demands, there are some very important choices to be made or life responsibilities do just take over and can become a huge drag.


When do you regularly take time out for fun? If you have children, will that trip to the park really take too much time or will you actually save time by being in a better mood afterwards so chores get finished faster because of your good mood?


If your children are old enough to be alone, you and your spouse can take time for a walk around the block and sometimes just a family walk or bike ride.


Working and bringing in an adequate income for the family takes a major investment of time and energy, hopefully along with some satisfaction and sense of accomplishment or even meaning. Keeping that person in charge at work happy and satisfied can also be a big part of the challenge. Perhaps you are that person in charge at work and keeping everything working productively and amicably is your challenge.


Just life maintenance alone requires lots of time and energy. The household chores such as meals, cleaning, laundry, errands, paying the bills and keeping all the appointments can take a fantastic expenditure of energy and time.


More than ever, many adults (and sometimes kids) are feeling very stressed out without enough time and energy for all the things they are trying to squeeze into life. What can be done about it?


Many families are struggling with these challenges. What are a few solutions? Here are a few ideas some families are experimenting with to bring more peace to their household.


Remember the concept of having margins or white space in your life. Choose very carefully the amount of commitments you take on.


Create quiet space by setting up electronic free zones and times, so the family members can actually connect with each other.


Keep off the mindless TV noises. Perhaps you have some favorite music that sets a more positive atmosphere.


When you can, have a time of sharing at the evening meal at least some nights. When you share things like the best thing or the worst thing that happened that day, it keeps you connected and knowing what’s going on with each other. (Expect some groans from the older kids at times.) You are sharing something you each felt good about that very day.


If you are both working, bringing in takeout at least once or twice weekly can be helpful. When you have some freezer meals prepared ahead either by yourselves or by a meal prep service, these can make a great stress free evening meal. Additionally, the slow cooker can work well or if your children are older, they can get these things started after school or during the summer time.


Work as a family team in clearing table, putting things away and filling the dishwasher and cleaned up so things don’t become so chaotic and messy.


Daily picking up belongings from the main living area and each one putting things away in their own spaces. (If interested, look for my article soon on the Saturday box!)


The relationships and fun parts of our lives often are not being nurtured or attended to very well at all. Do you at times feel like a machine that never quits? After while it becomes very old and can rob you of joy and energy.


Also, as individuals, you Dad, and you Mom, and each child, have needs for down times. Some people get their needs met by alone time, down time, and some extroverts get their needs met by being with other people.


When you take care of yourselves even in the limited time available, you will notice you have more to give to one another as spouses and to the whole family. It is well worth the effort for you to take that recharge time in the dividends that brings to each of you.


Have you ever heard of someone who is coming to the end of their lives saying things like I wish I had worked more? No, it is often stated, I wish I hadn’t worked so much and spent more time with loved ones.


P.S. This is a very challenging subject and will be continued for some time with many ideas to be shared…I would really love to hear your ideas, stories and questions. Feel free to contact me HERE.