Is Happy Wife Happy Life True?

Is the expression Happy wife, happy life outdated? The answer is yes. Marital satisfaction is. of course, important on both sides, but a happy wife will bring a lot to the relationship and will help build a happier home.

What Does Happy Wife Happy Life Mean?

This expression might seem a little simplistic at first but it is actually a good reflection of how marital satisfaction works. Several studies have shown that both spouses tend to be happier with their lives when the wife is satisfied with the relationship while the husband’s level of marital satisfaction has a smaller impact on both spouses’ overall level of happiness.


Is Your Wife Happy?

The answer might surprise you. There is often a lack of communication in couples where one or both of the spouses are not satisfied with the relationship.

This lack of communication might be one of the causes of marital issues or might be one of the symptoms of deeper issues. You should plan on having a conversation with your wife to really find out how she feels about the relationship and whether or not the marriage makes her happy.


What Are The Benefits Of A Happy Wife?

The expression happy wife happy life is a fun rhyme but it actually reflects women’s tendency to give back when they are happy. A woman’s mood has a huge impact on the atmosphere in your home and you will find that a happy wife will make your home a lot more pleasant. Your wife will be more attentive to your needs and to your overall satisfaction if she finds happiness in the relationship.


What Is Marital Satisfaction?

Everyone has a different definition of marital satisfaction because they expect different things from a relationship. Some individuals will value romantic gestures while others put building a friendship first. It is important to talk with your spouse and understand what marital satisfaction means to them. Look for specific things you can do to build a relationship that meets your spouse’s expectations.


How Can You Build A Happier Relationship?

Communication is important because you both need to express what you expect from the marriage and explain what has been lacking or something you would appreciate adding into your relationship.

When you have regular talks about your marriage, and actually plan on ways to spend time together having good times, you will notice that it makes a big difference. It is important to look for specific things you can do to make your times together enjoyable for your both.


Date Times Are Vital!

I like to encourage couples to take turns in planning their date times and hopefully have them at least every two weeks or more if possible.

It is vital that you both accept the fact that there are no perfect relationships and that your overall happiness should not entirely depend on your marriage.


Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Relationship?

When couples look at their mate as being responsible for the happiness in their relationship, that puts way too much pressure on their relationship.

Look for things you can do outside of the marriage to find happiness, such as developing new interests, spending time with friends or progressing in your career.

The expression happy wife, happy life actually has some truth. Both spouses will have more to bring to the marriage if they are satisfied with their own lives. Don’t give up if you feel that marital satisfaction is fairly low in your relationship.

You can make the choice to talk about your issues and look for things you can do to make one another feel happier, more loved and appreciated.

Outside Help Can Greatly Speed Up Your Relationship Satisfaction!

Consider that getting another perspective can speed up the process of being able to talk things through.  Sometimes as a couple, you can be too close to your own situation and possibly too emotionally involved to see other ways that could bring you closer.

A marriage coach or counselor who has had a high success rate and is marriage friendly can help you more quickly turn your relationship in a loving positive direction. After all, that is why your decided to choose one another in the first place!

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