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Admitting that you need help to save your marriage is not easy. Deciding to receive counseling, coaching or therapy is a decision you need to make with your spouse. Here is how you can get marriage help if you feel that you can’t save your marriage by yourself.



What Is Marriage Counseling, Coaching or Therapy?

You need to understand what marriage counseling, coaching or therapy will do and won’t do for as a couple. Meeting with a counselor or with a therapist is not going to make your problems disappear. Marriage counseling or coaching can be beneficial if you need help with learning how to communicate and fight fair. Your counselor or therapist will suggest some strategies you can use and some specific things you can do to address your problems.


Bring Up Going for Professional Help With Your Spouse

If you are thinking about getting marriage help, you need to get your spouse on board. Fixing your marriage will be a lot easier if your spouse is ready to cooperate and make some changes.

You need to have a talk about the marriage and about why you would like to receive help. Focus on how counseling and working on the marriage would help you build a happier life together instead of trying to figure out who should be blamed for your problems.


Look For The Right Marriage Counselor, Coach or Therapist

You will get better results if you can find a marriage counselor who shares your beliefs and your view of marriage. Contact different counselors, coaches or therapists in your area to find out more about the way they work and the strategies they usually recommend. Schedule a first appointment so you can ask more questions and get to know the professional better to decide if you want to work with this person.

Alternatively, you can seek help online or by phone. I work with couples that way all over the country in addition to my home office in Colorado. See the Free Relationship/Marriage Quiz information at the end of this article.


Commit To Receiving Marriage Help

You will need to meet with your marriage counselor, coach or therapist on a regular basis once you decide to receive counseling. This means you will have to set some time aside for these appointments and will also have to work on the things your counselor suggests. Fixing a marriage is takes effort and you will not build a better life with your spouse unless you are fully prepared to commit to this process.


Decide What You Want To Work On

Marriages fail for a number of reasons. You might be dealing with a lack of communication, a lack of respect or a lack of closeness in your relationship. It is best to identify your main issues in advance so you will be able to talk about them when you meet with your marriage professional.

Have a talk with your spouse about the marriage and about which issues they would like to bring up before your first appointment so you can start working on the important issues right away.

Receiving marriage help is a step in the right direction if you want to save your marriage from divorce. A marriage professional will help you identify your issues, suggest some solutions and help you acquire the skills you need to communicate and solve your marital problems now and in the future.


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You cannot lose anything by trying to save your marriage. If you divorce without trying, you will always wonder if you could have succeeded.

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