Updated February 24, 2021


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Nurturing your marriage and one another is something you do on a daily if you want to have a marriage that continues to be special for you both. Most marriages that get into trouble or become miserable have been neglected for a very long time.


By showing kindness to your spouse, being the best partner you can be and by working on your common goals, you will reap great rewards.


Naturally, making positive efforts on your marriage will be more difficult if you are currently going through a crisis and/or considering getting a divorce.


Why You Should Consider Getting Marriage Help


Couples who are experiencing difficulties can get help from what I call a marriage-friendly counselor, coach, or from therapists who specialize in working with couples. Receiving help from a professional is beneficial because they will be able to identify the problems that need to be worked out. There might underlying causes to your marital problems that you are unable to see because of being too close to your own situation.


Learning to Fight Fair and Listen Beyond Just Words


Your marriage might be in trouble because there is a lack of understanding between the couple. You might end up fighting all the time when your problems are brought up or might focus on figuring out who should be blamed instead of looking for solutions.


In some cases, one of the spouses completely shuts down and refuses to talk about the issues or gives the other the silent treatment. An experienced, successful professional will help create a safe environment where you can open up and help you open up to one another without so much hurt and pain.


Will a Marriage Counselor Save Your Relationship?


Receiving counseling doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to avoid a divorce. However, it means that you will get to give your marriage another chance. Receiving counseling will help prevent you both from making hasty decisions. You might decide to get a divorce in the end because you are unable to resolve your issues but you know you have given it the best chance of success.


Do remember that if only one of you is motivated to get marriage help, one person can make all the difference by making changes in the ways they interact with the other. When one changes their approach, the other is almost forced to also change their own usual response.


If you want to make efforts to change, your counselor will help you resolve your problems without fighting and will also help you identify the things you need to work on.


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Do You Need Marriage Help?


Admitting that you need help with fixing your marriage is not always easy to communicate kindly and respectfully with your spouse or if you don’t know what is hurting the marriage or if you can’t figure out how to solve your problems. Even if your spouse isn’t willing to go, just one of you going can make the difference.


Counseling is a good option if you and your spouse can’t work out your own issues. Try talking about the marriage and looking for ways to improve it on your own if you are going through a crisis or have become dissatisfied with the relationship. Think about receiving counseling if you don’t see an improvement in a short time.


The sooner you seek help, the more quickly your marriage will likely change for the better.


If you want to consider working by phone or online feel free to contact me.  I’ve been doing this work for well over 25 years but am still awed by the hundreds of what I consider miraculous turnarounds I’ve experienced with couples of all ages and problems.


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