Four Signs You Have Marriage Problems

Marriages change over the years and every couple has their ups and downs. However, it is important to learn to recognize the signs of marriage problems. If any of these signs sound familiar, it is time to talk about your issues with your spouse and/or to think about receiving professional help.



You Fight All The Time

Fighting is normal and can actually help you resolve some issues as long as you and your spouse know how to fight fair. However, if you fight about everything and if bringing up certain topics or issues always leads to a fight, you know you have some issues. Try to identify the things you tend to fight about and attempt to set up a few rules or agreements such as stopping a fight and talking about the issue later when you can both be calm.


There Is A Lack Of Communication

You cannot have a happy and healthy marriage without communication. There are some things you should talk about such as the goals you share and the things you want to do as a family. However, you should also communicate about small things such as what you did during the day when you come home.

It’s important to recognize when you don’t communicate enough you won’t  be able to create the kind of environment where you will be more likely to engage positively with your spouse.


Sexual Intimacy Is Missing

Marriages can suffer due to a lack of sexual intimacy. It is normal for intimacy to become less frequent over the years. However, a complete absence of sex is usually a symptom linked to more serious issues, such as a lack of closeness in the relationship.

You can restore intimacy in your marriage by connecting on an emotional level. If you feel that there is a lack of intimacy or closeness in your marriage, this is something you should talk about with your spouse so you can look for solutions together and maybe identify the root of the problem.


There Is A Loss Of Trust

Trust is a crucial element of a solid marriage. If you and your spouse are unable to trust each other, this is a sign that you need to do some serious changes in your marriage.

Trust can be lost when one of the spouses cheats in some way, but trust can also be lost if one spouse hides things from the other, such as their spending habits. If you feel that there is a loss of trust in the marriage, have a talk with your spouse on what it will take to restore trust in the relationship.

These are common signs of marriage problems but there are other issues that might be affecting your marriage, such as addiction, personal problems or even financial issues.

Take some time to reflect on your marriage and to identify your problems. You can try to talk about these issues with your spouse and to ask what they think about the relationship. Work on finding solutions together and think about getting help from a professional.

Often when your marriage is at this point, both of you may be out of ideas and are so close to the problems that it is difficult to make changes. That is where a marriage friendly counselor, marriage coach or therapist can be helpful in turning things around.

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