Updated October 27, 2020


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Communication is the key if you want to save your marriage. Regardless of what you and your spouse are going through, it is possible to resolve your problems if you make your marriage a priority. Here is how to fix a marriage through communication.


Avoid Negative Exchanges


You probably already had some arguments with your spouse. Do your best to avoid more really ugly fights and look for a healthier way to communicate.


Some couples find it helpful to set a few rules so they can talk about their issues without getting into a bad fight.


Sometimes it helps to spend a very short time apart to cool down. Meeting in a neutral place can be less threatening. If you are able, talk about your problems, but express your desire to work things out between you.  Express regret to one another about your part in the problems in your marriage.



Listen To Your Spouse


Listen to what your spouse has to say about the marriage. Acknowledge their feelings and do your best to actively listen. Pay attention to their tone and body language. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions to make sure you fully understand what your spouse is expressing.


If the atmosphere and attitudes are positive, ask them to tell you why they are not satisfied with the marriage and how they feel about working on things.



Express Your Commitment To The Marriage


It is very important to let your spouse know that you want to fix the marriage and that nothing else is more important to you. Don’t expect them to understand this unless you clearly explain your intentions.


If you did something that hurt your spouse, it is important that you sincerely apologize. You can then explain that you believe your marriage is worth saving. Also, it is important to let your spouse know that you are ready to work on the relationship and to make compromises.



Look For Solutions Together


You and your spouse will need to identify the issues that resulted in your marriage being in trouble. You also need to look for solutions together.


This process will help you and your spouse start healing. Identifying solutions will put you on the right track towards rebuilding the marriage. You need to listen to your spouse to understand what they want from the marriage. Attempt to find a way to come up with what is need to meet both of your needs in the marriage.



Keep Talking About The Marriage


A good marriage should meet the needs and expectations of both spouses. It is important to have frequent talks with your spouse about the relationship and about whether or not the strategies you have been using so far are working.


You might need to look for alternative solutions to your problems or might identify more problems once you start working on the marriage. Keep communication open and do your best to create an environment where you and your spouse can talk about your feelings openly.



Need Professional Help with Communication or Reconnecting


If there is a lack of communication in your marriage, your best option is to meet with a marriage friendly counselor, coach, or therapist who has the skills and experience to help you develop these skills with one another.




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