Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Roadmap

By: Waverly J. Hanson, MA
"Helping People Find Life Choices For 25 Years"

Ready to STOP Your Marriage Pain?

Want to START Your Re-Connection?

In marriage, it can be very disappointing when you feel it has stopped meeting your expectations. Many of you may be tempted to play with thoughts of going your own way. At that time, the fantasy of the new life you see looks inviting and wonderful.

In my OVER 25 years of helping couples, I discovered that many of you have not really thought things through or the reality of how different life would be in negative ways.

If you or your spouse have decided to get a divorce. I would like to ask you 3 questions;

1. What that new life would look like?

2. What have you decided is so exciting about that new life, that you are willing to go through a divorce to attain it?

3. What do you think is stopping you from following your dream while you are still married?

The really wonderful news I want to share with you today is that your belief that you must divorce to attain your dream may really NOT BE FACTUAL. I have witnessed numerous couples who have based that belief on words from past history or on a total misunderstanding.

With the exception of untreated substance abuse, (including alcohol) emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuses of all kinds and mental illnesses, or known illegal activities, I believe that most of the problems people choose to get a divorce over are very solvable.

Did you know that nearly 80% of the couples who consider divorce seriously and instead decide to stay together, report later being much happier? That survey was done 5 years after the time they thought they needed to divorce.

Many of the couples that I have worked with over the years have reported that they were much more “in love” with one another and didn’t know why they thought they had needed a divorce.

My work with hundreds of couples indicates that most of them really do not want a divorce but want the pain between them to stop. This is why they often are rushing things because they are in so much pain, even if they don’t always show it on the outside.

Afraid of becoming one of those sad statistics?

Tired of the “same old ruts” you’ve fallen into?

Sad those loving feelings seem to be gone forever?

Introducing the Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Roadmap!

This is a 12-Week LIVE Course in the Privacy of Your Home. No need to hire a babysitter, spend money on hotels and travel costs, or sit in a room with other people. Plus, you gain direct access to me at a fraction of the cost to work privately one-on-one. This practical, effective, field tested relationship saving course actually works!

As you complete this course you will....

1. Discover the essential building blocks for having the Marriage of your dreams.

2. Identify the most powerful actions that will move you toward the Marriage you desire.

3. Complete each part of the course with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the Marriage you truly want.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Roadmap

Week 1: Module 1- Learning Strengths & Growth Areas – Relationship and Personal
Week 2: Module 2- Where’s Your Marriage? Love, Dreams, Goals
Week 3: Module 3- Become A Detective on Yourself – Self-Awareness; Self-Care; Self-Talk
Week 4: Module 4- Are You Fun to Live With? Love Languages.
Week 5: Module 5- More Tools for Your Tool Box
Week 6: Module 6- How Are You Hard Wired?
Week 7: Module 7- How Are You Connecting?
Week 8: Module 8- Clarifying Core Values
Week 9: Module 9- Heeding Warning Signs
Week 10: Module 10- Moving From Chaos To Peace
Week 11: Module 11- Changing Your Dance, Not Your Partner
Week 12: Module 12- Launching Out, Marriage Maintenance Membership

You will have amazing and incredible personal assignments in each module and I will personally check if you are doing your assignments.

At the end of each week, together with other couples or individuals, we will have LIVE Webinars for Question and Answer about the modules and assignments. If there is an unavoidable time conflict, don't worry! Each webinar is recorded and a replay link will be available to you.

If you don't feel comfortable asking personal questions during the LIVE Webinars, you can directly email me and I will definitely answer your questions.

You will get a large E-Book and worksheets in every module plus an additional free workbook with many additional exercises you can complete on your own!

How is Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Roadmap Any Different From Others?

  • Very different in many ways because while you can do the program in the privacy of your own home, it is not just a home study course.
  • We provide live questions and answers weekly on each live webinar.
  • Laser Coaching is provided to each couple or individual.
  • You receive personal professional attention to your specific situation without the high fees normally charged.
  • Additionally, this newly released customized program has been developed based on field tested doable practical actions that work as proven by success with hundreds of couples.
  • The cost of the customized professional marriage assessment and relationship map used world-wide is included. This has been used by over 3 million couples at this point and ongoing clinical research studies continue to track success.
  • ONLY LIMITED NUMBER OF OPENINGS AVAILABLE to maintain the high quality and success rate of the couples involved.

But Waverly, My Spouse Would Not Want To Do Any Of These..

Take note that just one person in the relationship making changes can make all the difference...

Here’s really heartwarming feedback from a wife who worked alone with me on her marriage and ways to approach her husband.

I can’t believe how well our conversation went after using the approach we worked on during our session.


Are you confused about how to begin the miraculous turnaround in your marriage?

This course will help you discover and avoid common marriage pitfalls. You and your spouse will have fresh hope for your marriage. And most important, both of you will start having FUN together again, LEAVE PAST BEHIND! Get FREE from anger, depression, anxiety and abnormal stress.

My Guarantee To You... 

Deciding to get your marriage on the right track is not hard work but does and takes a lot of effort. A small mistake in choosing the right person to guide and help you could lead to DISASTER. (Some programs are NOT marriage-friendly)

This course comes with a 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!

I have created this course with the techniques, strategies and tools that I discovered over my 25 plus years of helping people find life choices.

My vision for you is that one day you will experience the happiest family reunions! You will enjoy time with your children and even your GRAND CHILDREN!

Here I am with my beautiful granddaughter Lily signing my colorful purple cast with a silver marker that really shows up well! (The silver marker is a thoughtful gift from one of my special clients!) Lily is also my co-leader for a Make & Take group in my Dream Art Room.

Here I am again with my lovable and superhero husband during the reunion trip. Don and I - together 3 years and still on our honeymoon. Both of us were married over 50 years and both of our mates passed on with cancer. We are blessed to have found love the second time around!

Look What Other Couples Say

It would be nice if I could tell you the exact number of couples that made amazing turnarounds right in front of me.In my over 25 years as a relationship coach I didn’t really think to count the number of couples I helped.

But I saved a few of the testimonies and I really treasure them. Have a look...

Note: Names, details and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of participants

Your persona is so friendly and inviting, you make us feel relaxed.

John & Jana

We both felt so understood and cared about in our intense pain. Can’t believe how much better we are together now.

Bill & Sue 
New York

I really like your kind attitude toward our heart-breaking situation. Your approach is so encouraging.

Justin & Mellisa

These feedbacks and comments bring me joy and energy to help more people.

Waverly, Let Me Join Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Roadmap NOW...

As mentioned earlier, I will be limiting the number of participants to ensure the quality of service and increase the success rate of this program.

I will evaluate each person who wants to join and decide if he/she is a perfect fit for the program.

Enter your details below to access the Divorce-Proof Discovery Consultation. In this consultation, you will get a private one-on-one call with me for FREE (valued at $300) and we will both find out if you are fit for the Divorce-Proof Your Marriage Roadmap.

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