Take Good Care During Pandemic & Crisis!

  Wondering what you can do during this time of uncertainty? Right now, it happens to be the pandemic but it could be something else that is huge in your life whether or not it is a huge deal for someone else.   When I originally wrote this way back in March, I had no […]

Is It Time to Re-Charge Your Battery with Self care and Self nurturing?

What in the world is recharging your battery? Perhaps taking time for fun? Time for reflection? Self care or Self nurturing? Can you even relate? For so many of us there are always way too many responsibilities! Who has time to even think about their own needs, the couple relationship needs or the family fun […]

Moving Ahead through Grief and Loss

When a loved one leaves this life, it can be a shock, a relief, or can be the loss of the dream of a better relationship or connection or a combination of all and so much more. Sometimes there are many “if only I had” playing through our minds over and over. Probably one of […]

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