The Importance of Life Goals

Having a sense of direction in life makes our journeys so much more manageable. When we know which direction we will naturally struggle in and what to steer away from, we then have more energy and time to focus on what is important to what we consider true success. While setting up personal goals seems […]

How to Develop Effective Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive means being able to express your opinions, views, beliefs, show you expect respect for your rights and being able to speak up not just for yourself, but for others too who cannot do it for themselves. The main concept of being assertive is that you have to do all of this without feeling […]

Easy Exercises to Help Build Your Confidence

With the right confidence building activities and exercises you too can put your doubts and fears away to rest for good. These confidence building activities are simple, effective and very easy to follow. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be consistent with these confidence building activities and you will soon […]

Best Stress Relief Method: Being Assertive

One of the most important communication skills is to learn how to be more assertive. Assertive people have better control over their lives as they do not allow others to dictate what happens to them. They know that this is their life and they own it. Many people own their life and what happens to […]

What is Assertive Behavior

Speaking your mind can be a risky job. At some point or the other, we have all thought that it is better to remain quiet than to say something which we truly feel. One of the risks when you express yourself is you always run the risk of meeting people who do not necessarily agree […]

Top 6 Assertive Skills You Need to Be More Assertive

We would all be at so much more peace with ourselves if we knew how to speak what we feel in order to get what we want, without being pushy or aggressive. In other words, we could all do wonders for ourselves by learning to be at least a little more assertive in our lives. […]

The Key Ingredient to Assertiveness: Confidence

An assertive person is someone who can speak his mind, tell others what he wants, and get his job done without disrespecting or offending anyone. Surely to be able to do all of this without making any lifelong enemies in the process must be requiring some sort of skill. And while there are a number […]

The Right to Say No

When you have a sense of responsibility,it allows you to do work well that is a part of your own personal responsibility. You know you are expected to do certain duties and you follow through with them. However, in some situations, you find yourself doing way more than you had originally agreed upon. At that […]

Different Communication Styles

We all know how important communication is in our daily lives; after all, it is how we communicate with others which sets the stage for what we will get out of that particular interaction. However, being able to communicate effectively with others is easier said than done. When we get into an argument with someone […]

Confidence Building Activities – Communicate Effectively

What does this really mean – communicate effectively? It could have many interpretations, but today I am assuming it means whatever setting you are in, you want to express yourself with confidence. Also you want to really communicate easily in a way that is easily understood. For example, how do you handle it when someone […]