Take Good Care During Pandemic & Crisis!

  Wondering what you can do during this time of uncertainty? Right now, it happens to be the pandemic but it could be something else that is huge in your life whether or not it is a huge deal for someone else.   When I originally wrote this way back in March, I had no […]

Personal Development Goals Intro

Begin Now to Live Your Life On Purpose! Hi! I’m Waverly and I am very excited that you made the choice to visit today. I’ve been helping people over 25 years to make positive changes. My motto is: “Helping People Find Life Choices!” The reason I am especially happy you have come by is that […]

6 Habits That Could Be Preventing You From Being Happy

While questioning yourself about the fact that you aren’t often experiencing authentic happiness, that glow from within or the life satisfaction you desire; you might not even realize it could be your own habits keeping you away from that state of ultimate happiness and you. Yes, it could be your habits which are the reason […]

7 Essential Strategies to Beat Stress

Stress could very easily be called the fire which burns your being into ashes before you know it;realizing it only when the flames are too ferocious to put out. Not only does it consume you mentally with occupying thoughts which are of no benefit whatsoever, it also has an adverse effect on other aspects of […]

The Monsters to Avoid: The Confidence Killers

There is no running away from them, they always creep up on you, stalk you, never leave your side and get to you in the most uncertain of places leaving your palms sweaty and your mouth dry. Yes, in this article we will be talking about the evil confidence killersand show how they are the […]

How to Have the Life Of Your Dreams

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney There are hurdles and there are roadblocks, but there also are dreams. Dreams don’t let you sleep until you get out of your comfort zone to start on the journey which leads you to the life you’ve always […]

9 Things Bold People Do

Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful – William Shakespeare Have you ever thought what’s with the highly energetic individuals you used to sit with, back in high school? Who would jump off at every opportunity and be the first one to try new things, never afraid to take on challenges? No, they were probably […]

How to Achieve Authentic Happiness

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open – John Barrymore. In order to reach out for authentic happiness to enter your life and conquer the land of your heart with joy, you need to learn to open those doors. Those doors need to be opened in the direction from […]

The Importance of Life Goals

Having a sense of direction in life makes our journeys so much more manageable. When we know which direction we will naturally struggle in and what to steer away from, we then have more energy and time to focus on what is important to what we consider true success. While setting up personal goals seems […]

How to Develop Effective Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive means being able to express your opinions, views, beliefs, show you expect respect for your rights and being able to speak up not just for yourself, but for others too who cannot do it for themselves. The main concept of being assertive is that you have to do all of this without feeling […]

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