Marriage Tips to Make Your Marriage Happier

  Who wouldn’t want to make their marriage happier and could use a marriage tip or two. When you begin to set aside time for each other again, as well as yourself, you’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference it makes.   However, often when we get so busy with life’s responsibilities, we eventually can […]

The Most Important Relationship Skill is Not Communication!

The single most important relationship skill is not communication, it’s taking ownership. Today I want to share a great article from David Steele who is the founder of Relationship Institute where I received extensive relationship coach training and am still a member. Successful relationships require taking ownership of your experience. What is Your Experience? Your […]

Saving My Marriage After A Crisis

Listen To Your Spouse It is best to wait a while after a major crisis before communicating with your spouse again. You need to be able to have a calm conversation so you can both express the issues you have been dealing with. A lack of communication is a very common factor in marriage issues. […]

Fix My Marriage With These Five Tips

Your marriage does not have to end because you had an argument or are considering a divorce. It is possible to fix a marriage no matter how bad things might seem at the moment. You need to accept that fixing your marriage takes time and requires some efforts from both spouses. At the same time, […]

A Few Tips On Making Marriage Work

A good marriage requires a lot of effort. The happiest couples are constantly aware of what is needed their relationship but a lot of couples become complacent over the years or never realize that they need to make efforts on their marriage. Be Aware of Each Other’s Emotional Needs The secret to a great marriage […]

How To Fix Marriage Alone If Your Spouse Won’t Help

Do you feel that you are the only one working on your marriage? Your spouse might not even realize or agree that things even need to change. It’s possible that he or she might not have the energy to work on your marriage or might not be interested. How To Fix Your Marriage Alone Start […]

The Key To A Strong Marriage

Do you know any happily married couples? If yes, what would you say is the secret to their success? Few people know this, but the key to a strong marriage is the ability to get through anything with your spouse as a team. Strong Marriages Don’t Happen Automatically This is not something that you automatically […]

How To Fix A Marriage Without Counseling

You have probably been advised to see a counselor, coach or a therapist if you are currently working on fixing your marriage. Even though counseling can be beneficial, it is possible to reconnect with your spouse and to fix a marriage without counseling. Learn To Communicate If you went through a marriage crisis or you […]

How To Fix Marriage Alone When Your Spouse Won’t Cooperate

If your marriage went through a crisis or if you or your spouse is considering a divorce, you should know that there is still hope. It is possible to work things out and to fix your marriage. You should be ready to face several obstacles, including your spouse not being cooperative. Ideas About Fixing Your […]

Making Marriage Work Again After A Crisis

You can make your marriage work again after going through a crisis. Fixing your marriage is a process that takes time and you will need to keep working on your relationship to prevent the same issues from affecting your marriage again in the future. Understand What Happened You need to take some time and reflect […]