How to Stop a Divorce – Do these 9 Simple Things

What happened to us? Finding out that your spouse wants a divorce can be devastating. However, your marriage doesn’t have to end if you are ready to do whatever it takes to get your spouse back and to fix things. There is plenty of advice on how to stop your divorce but the truth is […]

17 Marriage Tips from an Experienced Marriage Counselor

How can I make my marriage happier? Secretly afraid it is not going so well? If your marriage is in trouble or just not the way you wish it would be, then those questions are probably at the top of your mind. Does your marriage feel like it is needs to be overhauled or greatly […]

What Brought on Your Marriage Problems?

Are you puzzled about what created your marriage problems? National statistics quote many things such as money, communication, sex, etc. While those things can contribute to marriage problems, research is showing that couples who report being happily married readily admit that some of their differences have not been resolved.   Happily, just having differences is […]

Is It Too Late to Save Your Marriage?

Do you wonder if it’s too late to save your marriage and how will you ever know? Many couples like you are in that dilemma and go back and forth on whether to keep trying or just to give up as one of those statistics.   Sometimes you may say or think things like: so […]

Is It Time to Re-Charge Your Battery with Self-care and Self-nurturing?

What in the world is recharging your battery? You could think of it like plugging your cell phone in at night! You know exactly what happens when you forget to do so.   Perhaps taking time for fun? Time for reflection? Self-care or Self-nurturing? Many people, including myself, can keep running for way too long […]

Mutual Respect and Healthy Marriages

What does a healthy marriage look like to you? Probably this could have a long list of answers depending on your own experience and history.   The first thing that comes to my mind is a basic level of marital satisfaction! Does that mean everything is perfect and/or wonderful all the time? Of course not. […]

Marriage Is a Long Lasting Happy Marriage Possible!

Most of the people I know long for a happy healthy long-lasting marriage. Many people, though, have given up on that idea and skeptically now believe that it is only a fantasy. My hope is to reassure you that it truly is possible but, of course, it doesn’t just happen all by itself!   My […]

Marriage Help: Nurturing Your Marriage Now!

Long or Short Marriage – Nurturing Your Marriage is Vital!   If you want to keep your marriage fresh, keep out of bad ruts, always be ready to attend a study group, retreat, read a great book or watch and listen to a DVD on healthy marriage.   Make adding a new marriage education program […]

What You Should Do to Have a Happy Marriage

Do you want to have a happy marriage? Are you worried about the future of your marriage?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading.   Being happily married doesn’t happen by accident and it is so much more than just being in love. Relationships require effort, attention and nurturing […]

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

If you want to live your best life possible, learn communicate skills that are effective. When I am working in my office with couples, I sometimes ask, Is what you’re doing now working well?   Of course, it’s really a needless question, because if were true, they would not have called for an appointment. The […]