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How to Fix A Marriage and Avoid A Divorce

Saving a marriage is possible, no matter how bad things seem right now. You can get over your problems and go back to a happy home life if you are ready to make some changes and to become a better person. If you are wondering how to fix a marriage, the following tips...

Marriage Issues That Lead To Divorce

"To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup, whenever you're wrong admit it; whenever you're right, shut up" – Ogden Nash Marriage is hard work and plenty of it. However, as humans we are all prone to make mistakes that cost us the most precious of...

When He Wants Out

There had been alarms you couldn't hear. There had been signs you couldn't see (or ignored, or chose to ignore). But when it is out in the open, it is impossible to ignore the inevitable. But is it completely inevitable? Could you possibly stop your spouse from...

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going for Divorce

Marriage can be very disappointing when you feel it has stopped meeting your expectations. Many of you may be tempted to play with thoughts of going your own way. At that time, the fantasy or new life you see looks inviting and wonderful. The reality of that action,...

Waverly Hanson

Waverly Hanson

Counselor and Author

In my personal life, I have had a long successful marriage and am currently remarrying following my husband’s death. I have three sons, helped finish raising a niece for 3 years, and have 7 grandchildren of my own. I love to spend time doing crafts and other fun activities with them. I also love performing music with my sisters in a benefit show, getting together with family and friends, ATVing in the mountains, photography, walking, traveling, love to read and creating beautiful art and decorating, and, of course, serving others by volunteering.


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