Are You Always Stressed Out – Running on Empty?

Want to learn how to de-stress, fill up your tank or re-charge your inner battery!


You may not have thought about it, but we all need down time. When I ask a woman and sometimes a man, If or how they are taking care of themselves, many report they never thought about it or if they did, they feel selfish when they take time for themselves.


Remembering we are not machines, but simply human beings, who when we try to do the impossible find it overwhelming at least at times.

Those strong feelings lead to incidents as shown in the picture above. Nobody in their right mind wants to live in this kind of atmosphere.


Many of the clients I see are coming in because they wonder why they are constantly feeling overwhelmed and/or depressed or anxious. Of course as a person struggles with too many things that have to get done, these feelings are perfectly natural.


Taking time for fun, time for reflection, self-care or self-nurturing have become foreign by the time they come in to see me.


Can you relate? For so many of us there are always way too many responsibilities! Who has time to even think about their own needs, the couple relationship needs or the family fun needs?


When couples and parents find life becoming filled with more and more demands, there are some very important choices to be made or life responsibilities do just take over and can become a huge drag.


Working and bringing in an adequate income for the family takes a major investment of time and energy. Hopefully that is bringing at least some satisfaction and sense of accomplishment or even meaning.


Keeping that person (supervisor) in charge happy and satisfied can also be a big part of the challenge. Perhaps you are that person in charge and keeping everything working productively and amicably is your challenge.


Just life maintenance alone requires lots of time and energy. The household chores such as meals, cleaning, laundry, errands, paying the bills and household maintenance can take a fantastic expenditure of energy and time.


More than ever, many adults (and sometimes kids) are feeling very stressed and overwhelmed and stretched for both time and energy believing there is never enough of either. What can be done about this major challenge?


Often the relationships and fun parts of our lives are not being nurtured or attended to very much at all


Have you ever heard of someone who is coming to the end of their lives saying things like:  I wish I had worked more?  I have not and don’t expect to. In fact, lately I have been reading research on what some retirees are sharing about their joys and regrets and what they would repeat or not do if they had an opportunity to go back in time.


This is a very challenging subject and will be continued from time to time with many ideas to be shared that have worked for others.

P.S. If this is a challenge at your house, keep tuned and if you’ve worked out some solutions for you and your family, please feel free to share!




Love to hear and share your ideas, stories and questions. Feel free to contact me