Address Your Marriage Problems with These Five Steps

Updated September 2020




It’s important that you accept the fact that you don’t have a perfect marriage and start looking for solutions.  If either of you has become dissatisfied with your relationship or if your spouse has expressed they would like things to change, it is vital to take it seriously.


It is totally normal to experience some issues in a marriage and you can build a stronger relationship by learning ways to address them.



Talk About Your Issues


Talking about your marriage problems is crucial. You and your spouse might feel very differently about the marriage and may also have different ideas of what needs to change.


You might even have different goals in mind or a different vision of the marriage. You need to talk about the marriage and about your problems to truly understand each other and to create a marriage that will satisfy you both.



Make Compromises


You need to pick your battles and learn to recognize when something is really important to your spouse. You should also speak up if something is important to you.


A good marriage is built on learning to respect and care for one another’s needs. You and your spouse can learn to work together on making a few sacrifices to build a better relationship and meet each other’s needs.



Talk About Your Feelings


You need to know how your spouse feels and should be able to share your own feelings with them also. When you share it will bring you closer together and help you connect on an emotional level.


It will also help you make sure that the marriage meets the needs of both spouses. Talking about your feelings can be difficult at first, especially if you have never done it but this is something you important to perfect.



Forgive Each Other


It is important to remember that you are each other’s best friend. You might not always treat each other like you should and some mistakes might be hurting the marriage. Talk about these mistakes, talk about your feelings and forgive each other. If you are experiencing marriage problems, you need to put the marriage first and find ways to get over your negative feelings.



Build Something Positive


Do your best to bring positivity to your marriage and encourage your spouse to do the same. Voice your concerns in a constructive manner and stay positive when talking about your problems and making adjustments.


Fighting with each other won’t solve any of your problems. Be sure you set some common goals so you can build something together and make a conscious effort to be kind to your spouse.


These five steps will help you work on your marriage if you are currently going through a rough patch. Start by talking to your spouse about the relationship and explain that you would like to change a few things.


Ask them how they feel about the marriage and how they would like things to be. If working on your problems is difficult, think about scheduling an appointment with a marriage counselor, therapist or coach so you can get some outside help.


Often as a couple, you may be too close to the situation to change or even see how to start the changes needed to bring your closer connection with one another.



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