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About Waverly J. Hanson, MA

Waverly J. Hanson

Hi, I'm Waverly

Good News for You! You and your marriage will quickly come alive again!

You are in the right place if you are in a new marriage, a long term marriage or a blended family and things are very bad for one or both of you right now.

Believe it or not, it really isn't that difficult and is very doable to turn your marriage around.

You can make it happen by following some simple steps. I can't wait to share them with you as soon as possible.

Your own story or marriage dance is unique I know. I would be willing to bet (which I don't, by the way) that you often lose sleep or want to sleep all the time.

These are many ways to give yourself a break from the stress, sadness, hopelessness, disappointment, frustration and anger. If sleep is not what you are using, you may be medicating that pain with food, alcohol, drugs or other risky behaviors.

Did you know that staying married has the best outlook for happiness?

The Institute for American Values did some research on couples who planned to divorce five years later.

Nearly 80% of the couples of the previously very unhappy couples who had planned to divorce, then decided to try to stay together instead, reported themselves now as happily married and a smaller group reported themselves as very happily married.

You can't help but wonder if there is any hope for your own situation. While I am assuming this is about your marriage, it could also be about your own personal hopelessness or where you currently feel stuck.

If your personal problems are contributing, which, of course, you know they are, please take a look at the tab Personal Development Blog where you will find many helps as well. Living with Purpose is one of my big themes.

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After over 25 years, I am still totally awed by the hundreds of couple’s miraculous marriage turnarounds!!!

Credentials, Beliefs and Style:

In case it is assuring to you, I am a Licensed Relationship Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Best Selling Author and a Military Family Consultant

Helping people find life choices! When you are working with me, you’ll note this is the theme of working together.

Other clients have described our work together as a positive approach and a style that is nurturing and gently challenging for your unique situation. I strongly believe that people can and do change for the better when they see the need and benefit.

You can go now to take advantage of my Free Marriage Assessment at top of this Home Page:

Background and personal info:

I have served as a life coach and have provided consultation, training, coordination and start up expertise to other developments, small businesses and numerous community volunteer projects. I've had the joy of planning and directing and co-leading retreats and musical events for over 1400 people with well over 100 volunteers. My long history of working in education and in owning and managing real estate, adds to the ways I can assist clients as well.

In my personal life, I have had a long successful first marriage. Following my husband’s death, I remarried in 2012. I had three sons, helped finish raising a niece for 3 years, have 7 grandchildren of my own and now am enjoying my second husband’s 7 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

I love to spend time doing art, games and other fun activities with the kids and friends.. I also love performing music with my sisters in my California sister’s benefit shows, getting together with family and friends and did a lot of ATVing in the mountains. Other activities are photography, walking, traveling, reading and creating beautiful art and decorating, and, of course, serving others by volunteering.

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