Tips To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage


Before the time comes when you need to find solutions to fix your marriage and search for ways on how to save your marriage and search for ways on how to save your marriage; it is important to focus on what you have now and reflect on how you could create a protective shield around your beautiful bond of matrimony. Though nothing could give you the guarantee that your relation won’t ever reach the edge of divorce, there are certain practices to avoid escalating towards it.

1. Date to Your Heart’s Content

There is nothing wrong with getting to know the person you’re about to marry and the dating period gives you both ample time to build a bond of trust and compassion which is likely to last for most of your marriage years (hopefully forever). For the ones who have happily tied the knot already without spending years in dating period, there’s good news. Never stop dating your spouse no matter what, since it helps you both spend time away from the piles of responsibilities and focus on one another (intent gazes or whatever it takes for you two to fall head over heels and have butterflies in your stomach).

2. Shared Hobbies

Take interest in your spouse’s interests and invite them over to your exhibitions, book fairs and Netflix binges as much as you both can manage. This not only helps you spend quality time together, but also allows you both to understand each other on a deeper level. It will help you to develop a relationship based on the person you see on the inside.

3. Keep It Simple & Meaningful

It is not about being stingy and a miser, but if you keep thinking of the size of the diamond you wish to buy for your lady love, you miss out on the joy of wedding shopping with her. And not only that, couples who try to keep it simple at weddings which means they do not get themselves in a financial crunch for the sake of inviting the friends they haven’t seen since kindergarten; they tend to have good amount of savings at their personal disposal. No one ever said that bigger rocks guarantee better marriages.

Actually current research is proving the above information to be factual.

4. The Challenge of Personal Space

The challenge is actually of giving and getting your personal space. Yes, you would need to hide in your cocoon without giving a list of reasons why you need some time by yourself exclusively. The couples who manage this well and are totally in agreement about the need for each other to have their space are less likely to get divorced out of frustration. And by being okay, I mean not bringing that up in a resentful manner or using it against one another.

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how to divorce-proof your marriage

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