More Tips to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage


1. The Division of Chores

In order to have an immaculate house all the time and also spend enough time helping out one another you could always divide the house chores rather than burdening your spouse with everything. This way your partner won’t feel overworked or solely responsible for the household and all pertaining.

2. Choose Your Partner Everyday of Your Marriage

Your partner doesn’t only deserve your love till the honeymoon phase fades away or every now and then when you bring him/her a present out of joy for handling some really tough situation for you. It’s a full time job. You need to choose them over and over again, over anything that may come up. If it gets difficult, you should recall what you find most special about them and how special and dear to you they are and will be. The reinforcement of these emotions is a basic act to divorce proof your marriage since this way both the partners feel valued and cherished.

3. Make Happiness Your Goal

It might sound strange to some people, but it is very important to make your goal not the seven figure (or more) balance in your joint savings account but rather, the happiness, joy and life satisfaction you two achieve together.
In the race for achieving everything materialistic that the world has to offer, couples tend to forget that they need to value and honor their relationship with their spouse and others, themselves and God first and foremost in their lives. They need to be living with a purpose bigger than themselves. This does not mean just focusing on how to be happy, but also recalling the times you have spent together in utter bliss and any small wonders which bring smiles and sunshine into your life.

4. Correct the Mistakes, Don’t Alter Your Spouse

No one would want a customized version of the person they had initially fallen for. If there are problems in your relationship, correct them; make amendments but don’t try to change your spouse. Humans cannot be tailor made and both of you need to understand each other for who you are. You may ask them to change certain small habits if they annoy you beyond anything, but don’t make them a target and blame them for being themselves.

5. Drain the Toxics

Be it the toxic attitude you’ve been having towards your spouse, or the toxic people involved in your personal life; drain all that pessimism. You wouldn’t be needing it anyway, be sure of that. It is very normal to feel emotions such as anger, anxiety and frustration etc. but venting it out on your partner when they aren’t even connected to it and are definitely not to be blamed for it; is one of the gravest mistakes people make in a marriage.

6. Appreciate the Smallest of Gestures

Why is it that we would say words of gratitude to the shopkeeper who would have handed us our groceries bought by our own money, but would refrain from doing so when our spouse would bring us a drink or do other special things for us? Show how grateful you are for all that they do for you and see how quickly the positivity escalates in your marriage.
Divorce-proof your marriage by following these simplest of techniques for a happy relationship to bask in the glory of a beautiful bond. And do not delay if you haven’t started yet!

If your marriage is already in serious trouble, there is hope if you will make the efforts needed to assure your spouse you still love them and want to make a good life together.

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how to divorce-proof your marriage

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