The Secret To Making Marriage Work

Do you feel that your marriage is not working? There might have been a specific event that leads to a temporary separation or you might simply not feel happy in your marriage. Making marriage work is possible, even if you have been through some rough patches.

Be Each Other’s Best Friends

Becoming your spouse’s best friend is important. You will have more to share as you grow old together and will find that you truly enjoy spending time with your spouse. How do you become your spouse’s best friend? You have to listen to them, create a safe space where they can express their feelings and you make sure that you spend some time together every day. And more importantly, you need to laugh together as much as possible.

Do Some Things Apart

Making marriage work is easier if you both have a satisfying life outside of the marriage. This could include having a fulfilling career, spending quality time with a group of friends on a regular basis and developing new hobbies outside of the house. Doing things apart will help you find the right balance so that you can grow as an individual and you will find that you have more interesting things to talk about with your spouse if you both have interests and a social life outside of the house.

Do New Things Together

When was the last time you did something new with your spouse? Newly married couples tend to be happier because everything seems new. Routine eventually sets in and before you know it, you no longer get to experience things for the first time with your spouse. Sharing new experiences with your spouse will help you connect and your relationship will become more fulfilling. You could for instance travel together, find a new hobby or go to different events in your area.

Show Interest In Your Spouse

How well do you know your spouse? Pay some attention to your spouse and get them to talk about the things they really care about. This could be their job, their hobby or even a book they are reading. You should also open up about the things that matter to you and share them with your spouse. You will not always have the same tastes but should show interest in what your spouse likes so you can connect. You will find more things that you have in common and your spouse will still surprise you after years of marriage if you pay attention to them.

You can make your marriage work by being more mindful of how you spend your time together and by always looking for ways to share new experiences with your spouse. You should talk with your spouse and about your marriage.  It also helps if you share the same important values and have a purpose bigger than yourself.  Find out how they feel about the relationship and ask them if they would like to do anything differently. You can make your marriage work if you both make efforts and look for ways to keep things interesting.

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