How To Save Your Marriage Alone


The bond of holy matrimony is often translated as the one where two people are actually one soul in different bodies. But, what if you engage in one with all your expectations on the highest bar, assuming it would be one with a solution to all the heartaches you’ve ever had and a haven of ultimate bliss, only to find out later that the picture is flawed in places. What, if the vows did not mean as much to your spouse as they did to you and after some of the worst rows between you two, your marriage is on the verge of divorce? It gets more difficult when you don’t want it to end – but it’s only you.

Have Clear Reasons

There are strong reasons why one of the partners in a marriage tries to save it; for the home they had built together, for the life they had shared so far, or for the lives they’ve brought into this world together. However, saving a marriage alone can take its toll on even the strongest and most patient of people. It comes with a lot of baggage. Perhaps you find yourself unable to respect yourself for begging them to stay or that you might hate them for not putting in enough effort when they could. It is important to have very clear reasons about why you want to save your marriage in the first place and then go about everything else. (By the way, begging does not work.)

Communicate About Everything

The killer of a relationship has always been lack of communication. Talk about what’s bothering you and ask your partner the same. You don’t need to sound clingy or desperate to have them in your life, but make sure no really important matter goes unresolved or at least reaches an agreement of agreeing to disagree which is just fine. No two people ever agree on everything. If they claim to do so, I believe one of them is not being upfront about what they really feel or think.

If you have had a “we need to talk about this” session already, things are already pretty serious. If not, and you see it coming, you need to make sure it doesn’t happen for good.

Don’t Let Emotions Take Over

Undoubtedly, marriage cannot be void from emotions, it is all too natural; more so when one is tying the knot or untying it. So don’t let the rush of emotions get you going with the flow which you might regret. He/she might not change their troublesome habits and sometimes you may need to be the bigger person without compromising on your self-esteem and beliefs.

Temporary fits of rage would only prevent you from taking control at that time. Always remember why you want to save your marriage, irrespective of whether or not you get the desired support from your partner.

Be At Your Best

It would surely test you beyond your limits, but the bumps in the journey might be the ones you could overcome. Isn’t that why you’re trying to save this marriage, while your spouse does not understand? Make negotiations and set boundaries none of you would cross. Talk things out in a way that you don’t sound pushy or desperate. Voice your opinions and act true to your word. Set examples of what you want them to do and do not use each other’s vulnerabilities against one another.

It is not a one man show, but sometimes one of the partners is more concerned or more mindful about why a marriage should continue, and not be shaken by the tests of time. At times it might get tough, and without support be even more difficult. However, when you have a clear picture in your mind, it is very likely that you’ll be able to communicate it to your spouse as well.

Choose the solutions together, and make yourself a team!

Remember that sometimes this is finally the time when your spouse may be willing to go for outside help. So many say they can solve it themselves, but obviously if they could, they would have before considering divorce.
An outside objective experienced “marriage friendly” coach or counselor can make a huge difference. I have been a part of these “miracles” over and over hundreds of time!

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