Keys To Your Successful Marriage


The great news is that successful marriages don’t necessarily have any less conflicts than bad marriages. However, the way they solve their conflicts does make a huge difference. Good marriages don’t happen by chance. Yes, being compatible in the important areas such as basic life values is extremely important. However, the methods you use to get to your goals probably will not be the same. Actually being different from one another can actually lead to your marriage being stronger because you can balance each other out.

Happy marriages are marriages where people feel more comfortable about what is going on and are not worrying about some of the imperfections they deal with on a daily basis. Other characteristics of happy marriages are empathy and willingness to attempt to understand one another through good communication skills. For some couples it is brand new territory to explore the inner workings of a successful marriage in a culture where divorce has been so normalized, at least in some circles.


Good communication can be difficult at times – especially during conflict. The saying that good communication is the most important part of a successful marriage is true. Taking time to develop the healthiest communication skills you can during the early stages of your marriage ideally or at any stage can save you much heartache. Some of the stages in life and marriage will be more stressful than others due to the added life responsibilities.

Ideally both of you are willing to make an effort to regularly enrich your marriage through regular dating, fun activities, retreats, workshops, classes, watching videos and reading. If you nourish your relationship, you will find you are able to sustain the romance at least part of the time realistically, become very comfortable and understanding with each other. These investments of time and effort will also assist you in decreasing the chance of issues between you becoming worse and you drifting apart,. This way you can both avoid your marriage becoming damaged or even considering divorce.


Successful marriages and relationships are like fragile flowers that need to be nourished and maintained continually in order for them to flourish and reach their full potential. Thinking positive grateful thoughts about your spouse when you aren’t together and letting each another know it, is one way to invest in your successful relationship. Research has proven this to be a fact along with you feeling more loving toward one another when you meet the next time.


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