Is We Just Drifted Apart Inevitable?


Have you heard “We Just Drifted Apart” being used as a “reason” for divorce at least dozens of times?

To me this statement is made like it is something seemingly ”inevitable” that just “happens” without cause.

Does this statement seem to you to be made almost as a “non-blaming” way of describing what happened without either party taking responsibility.

I know from my experience with the hundreds of couples that call for an appointment for their marriage, they often feel like the above.

“It” seemed to happen without them realizing it was happening. Normally they are calling because something serious has happened that made them wake up to the fact and at least one of the partners really wants to re-connect.

You may be wondering where to start or whether or not your marriage can come alive again after “drifting apart?” I’ve seen it happen over and over!

Yes there is great hope for your Re-Connection!

My standard questions are: “What was it you first noticed about each other that made you want to know that person better?”

“What did you used to do for fun?” “When was the last time you just had fun together?”

Sadly, about 98% cannot recall easily when they last had fun together. One of my first recommendations is to start making time for one another and take turns planning your next date doing something you will both enjoy…hopefully weekly, but at least every other week.


At this point in your life, you may want to pick up on things you used to love doing together and hopefully add some brand new things you have never done before to keep up the excitement and interest.

Clearly, Date Time is Not the time to discuss problems. Those can go on the list for your next counseling or coaching session or if not too hot, at your calendar and/or budget planning meeting. This Date Time is a time to have fun together! You can also talk about old fun times if you’d like or look at old fun pics together or just about old and new dreams and plans for the future.

Until next time…

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