How To STOP YOUR Marriage Pain Without Getting a DIVORCE

If you or your spouse have decided to get a divorce. I would like to ask you 3 questions;

  • What that new life would look like?
  • What have you decided is so exciting about that new life, that you are willing to go through a divorce to attain it?
  • What do you think is stopping you from following your dream while you are still married?

Hi, I am Waverly. The really wonderful news I want to share with you today is that your belief that you must divorce to attain your dream may really NOT BE FACTUAL.

Waverly J. Hanson

Sad Those Loving Feelings Seem To Be Gone Forever?

In marriage, it can be very disappointing when you feel it has stopped meeting your expectations. Many of you may be tempted to play with thoughts of going your own way. At that time, the fantasy of the new life you see looks inviting and wonderful.

In my OVER 25 years of helping couples, I discovered that many of you have not really thought things through or the reality of how different life would be in negative ways.

With the exception of untreated substance abuse, (including alcohol) emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuses of all kinds and mental illnesses, or known illegal activities, I believe that most of the problems people choose to get a divorce over are very solvable.

Did you know that nearly 80% of the couples who consider divorce seriously and instead decide to stay together, report later being much happier? That survey was done 5 years after the time they thought they needed to divorce.

Want To Start YOUR Re-connection?

Many of the couples that I have worked with over the years have reported that they were much more “in love” with one another and didn’t know why they thought they had needed a divorce.

My work with hundreds of couples indicates that most of them really do not want a divorce but want the pain between them to stop. This is why they often are rushing things because they are in so much pain, even if they don’t always show it on the outside.

Avoid Being Part of The Sad Statistics...

Get Out From The "Same Old Ruts" You've Fallen Into...

Let Me Tell You a Story Titled
 "Almost a Divorce"

Recently, on just a normal day in my practice of working with couples on their marriages, a desperate sounding call came in from Luke, a young husband and father, wanting to make an appointment as soon as possible to see if he could convince Audrey, his wife, to stay as she was on her way out the door.

Unfortunately, this kind of call is not uncommon and in fact, much of the time when husbands call it is because she is packing the car, has already left or has threatened to leave if he does not make an appointment for marriage help.

Even though Luke was feeling desperate, I felt a lot of hope, as I usually do, due to seeing so many other couples make dramatic turnarounds in relatively short periods of time.

During this call, however, it was even better than usual as Luke immediately took responsibility for his actions that had led Audrey to no longer trust him.

Luke had a big drug addiction problem in his past but had been clean for several years. Audrey had not been part of that scene, and she had made it clear from the beginning that drug use would never be an option she would accept within their married life.

Audrey had made this “vow” to herself long ago as she watched her Dad with an alcohol addiction and her Mom choosing to ignore it and pretend it was not happening. She had decided she would never allow that to happen in her life and had been quite vocal about it.

A few months ago, Luke had a very painful surgery and during that period of time he gradually became addicted to the strong pain medication. Even though Audrey was cautious and had warned him of her fears, he had appeared to blow her off though secretly he also had concerns. His concerns heightened after going to a known source for illegal meds or drugs without her knowledge.

Audrey was absolutely devastated when she somehow discovered what Luke had done and faced him with her discovery due to his fear of losing her, he unfortunately made the choice to deny what he had done. To make matters even worse, this happened on at least two different occasions.

When they came for their first appointment, it was clear that Audrey was very skeptical as to whether or not this process could help them work things out as she had lost her total trust in anything he said.

Without disclosing the details of all the repairs that were made, I am so happy to share that within a few weeks, Luke and Audrey are now back on track in their relationship while Luke is seriously back on his recovery path that worked so well for him for years. Audrey, his wife, who earlier did not want to identify with this problem is also getting the support and education she needs so she understands how to be in a healthy place for herself and the marriage.

One of the lessons, Luke learned through this very painful time in their marriage, is that he must keep on the recovery path which was so successful and meaningful to him earlier. During this stage of life with being newly married, having two beautiful children along with a highly successful business, he thought this was enough.

Luke’s recovery turned out to be the most important thing of all. He has seriously re-committed to that now even though earlier he thought he didn’t need it anymore. He learned that he would lose all that means everything to him without it.

Audrey, his wife, who is also very committed to their marriage and family is now willing to join in with some other friends and family members who find they keep healthy by being in al-anon or similar support groups. She is realizing she can also benefit, especially with her earlier background also instead of denying it.

Both have learned some great lessons through this painful time. Always being honest and trustworthy with one another is probably one of the very biggest lessons. Luke laughingly teases (sort of) that Audrey being a part of those ladies will really make him stay on the “straight and narrow.”

Regularly, I get to witness struggling couples reconnect, feel loved and close to one another again. The story really makes me feel happy and excited to help more couples out there. This fuels my passion for serving more and finding ways how to reach out my helping hand to YOU.

Working Online Can Serve
Even More Couples!

Now I can multiply my time and energy sharing tools and strategies that work in real life. 
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What Other People Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Your persona is so friendly and inviting, you make us feel relaxed"

John And Jana
- Colorado

"We both felt so understood and cared about in our intense pain. Can’t believe how much better we are together now"

Bill And Sue
- New York
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I really like your kind attitude toward our heart-breaking situation. Your approach is so encouraging"

Justin and Mellisa
- Tennessee

Important Note: Names, details and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of participants

Waverly J. Hanson
Licensed Professional Counselor,
Licensed Relationship Coach,
Helping People Find Life Choices For 25 Years

About Waverly J. Hanson

She strongly believes that people can and do change for the better when they see the need and benefit and has seen many “miraculous” turnarounds in lives over her many years of work.

She has served hundreds + as a therapist/counselor/coach/consultant. She has worked with numerous couples, individuals, families, including teens, children and groups. This includes working with families in crisis for many years as well as clients suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and loss issues.


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John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I can't believe how well our conversation went after using the approach we worked on during our session"

- Colorado

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$499 / month
for 3 months


$379 / month
for 3 months

Time Left Before Pre-opening Price Ends


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