divorce-proof your marriage action guide and workbook

When you make the decision to actually follow this Action Guide and Workbook, you will see a dramatic change within your marriage!

The name is just what it actually does, gives you an ACTION GUIDE!

Following are the self-explanatory chapter headings that you hopefully find inviting to you in creating your new marriage to the same spouse:

Chapter #1: Where's Your Marriage? Love, Dreams, Go

Chapter #2: Become a Detective on Yourself! Self-Awareness; Self-Care; Self-Talk

Chapter #3: Are You Fun to Live With? Love Languages

Chapter #4: More Tools for Your Toolbox

Chapter #5: How Are You Hard Wired?

Chapter #6: The Mirroring Tool

Chapter #7: How Are You Connecting? Conflict Management

Chapter #8: Clarify Core Values – Character?

Chapter #9: Heed Warning Signs?

Chapter #10: Move from Chaos to Peace: Life Maintenance Plans

Chapter #11: Change Your Dance, Not Your Partner!

Chapter #12: Fun, Launching Out

In time, it is very natural to find you need a more structured and guided approach where you can ask questions anytime and get the support you need to follow through on changes and know what to do when you run into obstacles.

If so, remember, you can join the Program: 30 Day Miserable Marriage to Wedded Bliss: Save Your Marriage Fast!

Also some couples just prefer to work in private sessions which are also available on a limited basis. There is a free 10 minute informational phone call is available to you...in addition to the opportunity for the free 30 minute consultation that begins with the 1 Minute Quiz!