1 Magic Marriage Question to Use Weekly for Healthy Marriage and Guaranteed Results

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Obviously by now you know this is Waverly coming to share with you more helpful and practical tips and today this is about the 1 Magic Marriage Question to Use Weekly for Healthy Marriage and Guaranteed Results.

After working with hundreds of couples over the years, I totally agree with the excerpts from this article.

My own experience has been that by the time couples are willing to go for help for their relationship, they have usually been pretty disconnected from each other for a long time.

If your marriage is okay, this question will make a difference and bring you closer. If it has been bad for quite some time, it will most likely take more help than this.

Often couples admit quite readily after they start coming for help from a marriage friendly counselor or therapist or relationship coach, that having an outside perspective makes all the difference.

Another comment I hear often is that when they gain new tools that replace what they have been doing or not doing, they quickly start to experience very positive differences.

Via http://Cosmopolitan.com   by Emma Barker

Excerpts from:

Answer This 1 Question With Your Husband Every Week For a Healthy Marriage by Emma Barker

One question once a week can significantly improve the health of your marriage, the Wall Street Journal reports…..The key, says Dr. James Cordova, professor of psychology and director of the Center for Couples and Family Research at Clark University, is to schedule regular check-ups with your partner where you air your little issues before they get out of control.

Scientists and married couple Drs. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks came up with one question they ask each other every week…. The question is: “How are we doing working together as a partnership?”

The Hendrickses use the question to talk about how they’re “working together as a team for our children, working together toward financial goals, or being together so we both have a great sexual experience” every week, but you can use it to think about ways you’re being good — or not so great — partners to each other that are specific to your relationship.    by Emma Barker

It is common knowledge among those of us who work in the relationship area that often the wife in the relationship is aware earlier that there are difficulties.

Regularly the husband is more likely to be resistant to getting outside help and confident they can solve their own problems and don’t want others getting in their business, etc.

For some couples, this one magic question applied to all areas of their relationship may be less threatening. It helps to get at potential problems early enough to prevent their relationship from drifting further apart.

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